The roots of Macor go back to the 50s of the twentieth century when our father Ramón Santamaría started trading fruits and vegetables, then nuts, oils and fats, and both plant and animal foods were added to the list of products offered by our company.

Already in the ’90s we went deeper into the world of dairy products, specializing more in this field over time, without abandoning the rest of the product range at the same time.

Our specialty is dairy products for industrial use, but we also sell ready for consumption goods such as olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc.

We also offer a wide range of raw materials for animal feed, an extend that comes to us naturally from the close relationship with dairy producers. A quick and effective administration department completes all the commercial work. We should appreciate the true value of experience.

Macor 2000

Macor 2000 es una empresa familiar dedicada desde hace más de 60 años a la venta al por mayor de productos para alimentación humana y animal, dentro y fuera de España.

El ámbito de negocio de MACOR 2000 abarca desde la comercialización de materias primas para uso industrial hasta la distribución de alimentos listos para el consumo.